Conference AMAZON BIZNES KNOW HOW – Access to rerecording

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ACCESS TO RECORDINGS from | January 12-13 2024 г.

Set include:

  • Access to recordings of Online transmissions of all two days sessions – 15 Lectures in English.
  • Access to slides of presentations.



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Lectures Topics

Day 1

Day 2

Jeremy Grawert

EU Horizons Unfolded: How to leverage the international expansions opportunities with Amazon

Veranika Taukachova

Amazon suspensions: how to avoid one and how to write a sufficient appeal to deal with one

Andrii Matiash

How to develop your own brand on and out side Amazon in terms of legal matters

Oleg Kuzmenkov

How to Choose Products for Online Arbitrage. A Comprehensive Checklist

Brent Zahradnik

Display Advertising in the Amazon marketplace

Vadim Petrov

Cracking the 9-Image Code: Strategy Behind the Pixels

Patryk Czepulonis

Global Expansion & Compliance

Igor Lis

Delivery to Amazon FBA in 2024. How to optimize costs and maximize efficiency

Piers Eveleigh

How to Boost Sales and Protect Profit Margin on Amazon in 2024

Denis Sulimchik

How using AI can helps with SEO of listings on Amazon

Kevin Blackburn

Securing Your Exclusive Brand Deal: Learn how to transition from models like OA and Wholesale to secure your first or next exclusive brand deal, a key strategy for future growth.

Alex Chernenko

Tax Efficiency for Amazon Sellers. Things to Do & Mistakes to Avoid

Dima Kubrak

How to Win on Amazon in 2024?
Hacks on winning against your competitors.

Dima Kubrak

Detailed plan on launching new product
Product Launch Improvement.

Kevin Blackburn

Efficient Daily Business Action: Balancing Time Management and Task Prioritization for Growth and Maintenance. Focus on energy-efficient productivity in diverse business models